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Should you even trust us with helping you get your next pet? If you want to sit at the comfort of your home and have your pet delivered to you just as you want it, here are some reasons you should allow us handle it for you.

Experienced Dog Lovers/Breeders

We ate a team of highly dedicated dog lovers with many years experience in breeding and selecting the most suitable dogs for families.

Large Network of Breeders

We have built a network involving the best breeders in Nigeria and overseas. We have a quality standard we maintain, and we often do visit these breeders to make sure that they comply to our partnership standards.

Transparent Process

With over 2 years of helping clients buy their new pets, we keep you informed every step of the way. If something comes up, we make sure to inform you of the new development, and make sure you receive just what you expected.

´╗┐Excellent Customer Service

Petlister Nigeria offers excellent after sales services that makes sure you are not alone after purchase, but rather well guided on your new journey of building a lasting relationship with your pet.

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“I just specified what I wanted, I paid and got my dog delivered to my house faster than I expected.”

how to tame an aggressive dog
Tunde Adagbo

Dog Owner

“I love how they helped me in buying a dog. I was confused about buying a counterfeit breed, and Petlister was helpful.”

Lhasa Apso Price in Nigeria
Amadi Chinedu

Dog Owner

“Great service with good customer service”

Dog Licking Your Face
Emmanuel Umunna

Dog Owner

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