How to Import Dogs from South Africa to Nigeria

I know you want to know How to Import Dogs from South Africa to Nigeria.

There are so many dog lovers in Nigeria who would like to know how to import dogs from South Africa to Nigeria. – South Africa is known to be a country Africa with adorable dogs.

According to Wikipedia, South Africa, also known as the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is known as the southernmost country in Africa. -ith a population of over 58 million people

How to Import Dogs from South Africa to Nigeria

I will be sharing the best procedure anyone can follow to import any dog of their choice from South Africa, down to Nigeria.

Now, let us proceed;

The First Point Is:

– Know what and why you a dog from South Africa

First of all, to Import Dogs from South Africa to or into Nigeria, you need to know what you need the dog for and why you need it.

– Open a line of communication with the right breeder

With you answering the question of what and why: then that can help you in identifying the lines and breeder in South Africa to speak with.

– Select the right Stock/Dog

Once you have identified and opened the line of communication with the breeder,

You then identify and select from the parent stock available with the breeder in their kennel

– Conclude and make a Deposite

Once the breeder has pups from the stocks you have concluded on you, then make a deposit – Mind you, it could take 6-12 months to get your desired puppy.

– Involve your Shipper

Once the dog is ready for collection, you balance up and have your shipper either pick up the pup from the breeder or takes delivery at his location from the breeder.

– Complete Payment and proof of Payment sent

Payment is to be made by/through bank transfer and proof of payment sent to the breeder,

The shipper will charge you for shipping costs including crate and other airport charges,

The breeder will charge for export permits and birth certificates from the national breed association,

Pup/Dog is shipped out once all these are met from the port of departure to the final destination.

Ports of departure

– Estimate of Cost

Range? The range is between 300-500k depending on the weight and quality of the litter…..definitely registered and the distance of the breeder’s kennel to the port of departure, excluding the price of the puppy from the breeder.

Note: Always make sure you keep strong ties with the breeder; it will help with how far you are going to take the breeding life of your dog.

Also, all medications should be up to date too before shipping, eg. Vaccinations and deworming.


Side Note on How to Import Dogs from South Africa to Nigeria

 Price idea will depend on the cost of puppies and the exact place in South Africa they are coming from before reaching Johannesburg.


Shipping for each puppy alone is about 8000rands. so, since you are looking at three pups, it is going to be 8000*3

Clearing in Lagos is about 40,000

Shipping will be 240k * 3 and clearing should be 40k* 3


cost of the pups varies (depending on the quality and breeder) from 500 dollars to 2000 dollars

if the pup is to be shipped to Johannesburg(that’s where their major airport for an international flight is located) no extra cost but outside Johannesburg will attract some fee – depending on the distance from that place to the airport.


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