About Us

About Petlister Nigeria

PetlisterNigeria is Nigeria’s first Pet Market place that allows pet lovers to buy and sell different pets in Nigeria. We are the number one online platform where pet lovers can have access to several pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) and contact sellers directly.

Our Mission for Sellers

We understand that selling your pets without an online presence can be much of a hassle. Trying to build a website, grow, and market it to the general public takes you off from doing your primary assignment, which is breeding pets. So at Petlister Nigeria, we have given you a platform to meet with our thousands of pet lovers who are interested in buying pets of any kind from you.

Our Mission for Buyers

Having a wide range of options from different sellers is awesome. This is why we created this platform to allow you to make a choice of any pet you’d love to own and make a decision at your convenience. We have hundreds of pet sellers offering you value at different price ranges. So feel free to browse through our platform and own that pet you always wished for.


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